Dr. Kumar Vishwas, renowned poet from India and social activist will perform at Performing Arts Centre on Friday 14 July, 2017.
Kumar Vishwas has gifted himself an era of such a popularity which other poets can’t even dream of. It has been possible only because he possesses the courage, wit and perseverance required to tame one’s destiny. His most celebrated couplet ‘Koi D​eewana ​K​ehta ​H​ai…’, made him the heartthrob of the youth and established him as the most renowned and celebrated Indian poet. His grip over romanticism, flavored with his wit makes him stand apart but is not merely confined to it. The treasures that his pen has yielded cover wide range of notions viz., social issues, atrocities against women and women empowerment, philosophies of life and also those brimming with patriotic fervor.
He will perform at Bell Performing Arts Centre on Friday 14 July, 2017.
To book tickets call Vinay 604-782-7624