About Us

The Times of Canada group was established in 2010 with the vision to create a better understanding of the South Asian culture, heritage, fairs, and festivals and its people within the mainstream Canadian society. We aim to spread awareness about the achievements, talents, and exceptional contribution of extraordinary of South Asian community members.

The South Asian community is one of the most diverse yet integrated resident forces here in Canada encompassing inhabitants that have origins rooted in countries like India, Pakistan, Fiji, Africa, and the UK. Our focus has been to create opportunities where the multiculturalism fabric of our country is strengthened. We endeavor to bridge the gap between the cultures and reinforce better understanding, unity, harmony, and coherence amongst the two amalgamated societies that have fascination and curiosity to know more about each other as they co-exist.

The unique differentiator that sets the endeavors of The Times of Canada group apart from others is that it has been employing multiple approaches and utilizing its distinctive distribution channels panning thoroughly and comprehensively across the Lower Mainland area to impart relevant subject matter and knowledge about the community.

Needless to mention, the leading force behind this impressive success of The Times of Canada group has been the dynamism, enthusiasm, motivation, and drive of its CEO and promoter Vinay Sharma, a well-known and respected name with a long history of service to his community whether it was in India or now, here in Canada.