February 26th, 2023 Sunday

VICTORIA – People can count on seeing some extra help through another BC Affordability Credit in their
bank accounts this April.
“People are facing very real challenges right now with global inflation, and this credit is just one of the
ways we’re working to provide direct relief for people,” said Premier David Eby. “It’s a little extra money
into people’s pockets now, as we work to tackle people’s big priorities like helping with costs, getting
new homes built, improving health care and building a cleaner economy.” NOT APPROVED
Approximately 85% of British Columbians will receive a full or partial payment as early as April 5, 2023 in
the same way they received January’s BC Affordability Credit. The April payment will provide as much as
another additional $164 per adult and $41 per child, or approximately $410 for a family with two
“When times are tough, government should be in people’s corner and defending people from the
impacts of global uncertainty now while helping create a strong future where everyone can build a good
life,” said Katrine Conroy, Minister of Finance. “That’s exactly why we’re putting this year’s surplus to
work for people now and, next week, Budget 2023 will layout our three-year plan for the future.”
This credit is the most recent in a series of cost-of-living measures announced since Fall 2022 that
includes capping rent increases, supporting families with back-to-school expenses, delivering a BC Hydro
cost-of-living credit and freezing ICBC rates for two years. Other supports include three enhanced BC
Family Benefit payments in January, February and March 2023, that are providing as much as an
additional $58 per child each month and reaching more than half a million children annually in B.C.
The BC Affordability Credit is one of the ways government is helping people with today’s cost of living
challenges as a result of global inflation. Next week’s release of Budget 2023 will also continue to make
smart investments in the things that matter most to people, to help build a stronger, more secure B.C.
for everyone – not just those at the top.
Quick Facts:
 85% of people in B.C. will receive the BC Affordability Credit, and approximately 50% of them
will receive the maximum payment.
 The BC Affordability Credit is paid with the Climate Action Tax Credit through the Canada
Revenue Agency, and it may take up to 10 days to be deposited.
 Individuals receiving the BC Affordability Credit are getting an average of almost $160 through
each credit and families with two adults are getting an average of $255.