Minister Of Jobs, Trade and Technology Bruce Ralston accompanied Premier John Horgan and Minister of State for Trade George Chow on a mission to Asia

Mission to China

A key part of the mission in Guangdong was to explore ways that B.C. and China could collaborate on green solutions as China transitions to a low-carbon economy. B.C. and Guangdong hosted a low-carbon economy roundtable where Premier Horgan, Minister Ralston, Minister of State Chow and Guangdong officials met with key stakeholders in energy, clean tech, transportation, urban planning and building design.
The Premier and Ministers met with Chinese government representatives and business leaders and their meetings focused on advancing low carbon development solutions for Guangdong province.

“China’s transition to low-carbon development and a greener economy represents opportunities for co-operation between B.C. and Chinese companies to expand this important sector,” said Minister Ralston. “By gaining first-hand understanding of Guangdong’s priorities, we have been able to promote B.C.’s unique services and expertise and open doors for job-creating B.C. businesses in the clean tech sector, ”he said.

Mission to South Korea

The next stop on the Premier and Minister’s trade mission was a visit to South Korea which provided an opportunity for Minister Ralston to promote the importance of government and business relationships for both Korean and B.C. economies.

Focus of this successful first visit to South Korea was to strengthen relationships in priority markets for a number of B.C.’s key economic sectors. Premier and Ministers met key South Korean government representatives and business leaders to showcase B.C.’s strengths in technology and innovation, energy, natural resources and agrifoods.

Premier Horgan and Minister Ralston also visited Netmarble, Korea’s largest social-gaming company. Netmarble confirmed that its Vancouver subsidiary, Kabam, will expand studio space to create new jobs in the growing B.C. tech sector. The Premier also visited Gyeonggi’sPangyo Techno Valley and forged ties between DigiBC and Gyeonggi Content Agency – presenting an opportunity for tech companies in BC to commercialize their products for the Korea market.

Mission to Japan

The trade delegation’s final visit was to Japan where a number of meetings were held with technology leaders Fujitsu and SEGA to promote investment in B.C. and partnerships with B.C. tech companies in information communications technology (ICT), wireless, quantum computing, digital gaming and entertainment.

“With some of the world’s largest tech and IT companies, Japan’s growing investment in B.C. is a show of confidence in our tech sector and economy,” said Minister Ralston. “Our research infrastructure, deep talent pool and culturally diverse population are a magnet for tech investment,” he said.