Filmmakers from the south, according to Ajay Devgn, prepare the storyline of their films to reach out to consumers beyond language limitations.
Ajay Devgn, speaking on the increased popularity of south films in Bollywood-ruled north India, stated on Monday that the success of non-Hindi films is due to a pan-India promotional strategy.

“It’s nothing like that,” Devgn responded when asked why southern viewers have struggled to warm up to films from the north. The 53-year-old actor-director, who recently played a crucial role in the pan-India blockbuster RRR, said southern filmmakers design their scripts to reach audiences beyond language borders.

“It’s not that films from here (north) don’t travel there,” she says (to the south). Nobody, in my judgement, has attempted a large-scale rollout of a film from the north to the south.

“If someone tries again in the future, it will most likely happen since their films are good and do well in our country.” Our films are also performing well. If the movie must be released in the north, they hire performers from the region, and the script is written in such a way that it works across the country,” Devgn told reporters.

The actor was speaking during the premiere of the second trailer for his upcoming movie Runway 34, which is described as a “edge-of-your-seat thriller.” Rakul Preet Singh, who also stars in the movie, was also in attendance.

The film centres around Captain Vikrant Khanna (Devgn), a flying prodigy whose flight takes a peculiar trajectory after take-off from an international destination, and is based on a factual incident from 2015.

When asked which he prefers, Ajay Devgn stated he enjoys both acting and directing. The actor-turned-filmmaker, who also produced the film through his Ajay Devgn Ffilms, said he isn’t afraid of putting in long hours.

He made his directorial debut with U Me Aur Hum in 2008, and followed it up with Shivaay in 2016.Ajay Devgn_ Bollywood filmmakers haven’t attempted to release pan India movies – Yahoo Canada Image Search Results

“I enjoy what I do.” It does not frighten me. As a director, you’re working on the screenplay, therefore as an actor, you’re constantly preparing. You know exactly how you want your other actors to be once you’ve finished the screenplay. “Once you start imagining and visualising the film, it becomes extremely clear,” he remarked.

Devgn revealed that the film’s title was altered from Mayday to Runway 34 to make it easier to grasp.

“You give the Mayday call when there’s an emergency.” However, I believe that few individuals were able to comprehend its title. The film’s entire plot revolves around a runway known as Runway 34. That is the narrative of why the pilot landed the jet on that runway, which was an impossible task that should not have happened,” he stated.

“In fact, a well-read individual had inquired about the meaning of Mayday. “I became a little scared when he asked if the film was based on Labor Day,” he joked.

Devgn also denied allegations that he had initially put the film on hold, stating that this was never the true.

“When I first heard the story, I thought it was fantastic. I advised the writers (Sandeep Kewlani and Aamil Keeyan Khan) that the script needed to be changed. After that, I became preoccupied, and the corona (pandemic) occurred. I remembered that we’d worked on the story while we were at home during Corona.”

The team strove to make a “genuine film,” according to the actor, and enlisted the services of real pilots and ATC (air traffic control) workers for training.