Jaundice is very common among kids and adults.in Ayurveda its called Kamla Roga. Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment theory is based on Tridoshas : Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Jaundice is caused due to the vitiation of the Pitta dosha. When there is an excessive circulation of the bile pigments in the blood, then this disease is caused. Pitta dosha controls the bile pigments.


Ayurved Acharaya Charaka has described Symptoms of Kamla in his book Caharaka Sahinta
Haridra Netraha sa bhrusham (Eyes become turmeric colored),
Haridra twak nakha aananaha (Skin.nail and face becomes turmeric colored)
Rakat pitta shakrut(Bloody red or yellow color feces)
Mutro bhekha (bloody red or yellow color of urine) varno hata indriyaha
Daaha(Burnig sensation), Avipaaka(Indigestion). Doorbalya (Weakness), Sadana (Tiredness), Aruchi (Tastlessness,Anorexia), Karshitaha (Emacuation mean weight loss) Kamala bahu pitta usha koshta shaaka ashrayaha maaha Charak Chilitsa (16/35-36)

The yellow color first appears in the white of the eyes and then spreads to the whole skin. Excess of bile pigment circulating in the blood gives the skin in Yellow color. The bile does not go into the intestine as it should and so the stools of the jaundice patient lose their typical brownish color and become clay white, in severe cases are almost whitish. There is a loss of appetite and impairment of digestion. The liver is unable to digest fat and there may be a sense of fullness at the time. Nausea may also be present in certain cases because of defective digestion. If the liver is inflamed, there is also a pain in the region of the organ and it is tender to touch.

Causes of Jaundice: 

Infected water, infected food, chronic alcohol use, hemolysis ( destruction of red blood cells before their normal lifespan ) and other sorts of problems in liver or associated tissue/organ may be the cause. Jaundice is the condition in which liver becomes inflamed. In infection or obstructed bile duct due to cirrhosis, gallstone, pancreatic tumor etc., the liver cells fail to neutralize bile pigments (bilirubin, bilverdine ) . Then these pigments reach in the various part of the body through blood circulation and stain them.

Chikitsa (Treatment for Jaundice) Kamala:

Since liver is the largest gland, main site of metabolism and detoxification, the diet should be easily digestible, and waste materials are better removed from the intestine earlier during jaundiced condition. So Ayurvedic treatment contains those medicine that facilitate removal of waste substances from the gut and kidney, and provide instant energy. Ayurvedic medicines plays good role in treating Jaundice. The Treatment of Kamala (Jaundice) is started with purgation. The basic theory is that no burden be placed on the liver and for that, a daily purgative is recommended. Reduction of nitrogenous waste enables one to stay away from probable hepatic coma. A diuretic may also be administered to encourage the flow of urine, which will expel most of the bile from the system.

Diet for the liver disorder:

Food should be non oily and non spicy. It should be easy to digest. Wheat , rice, java, green gram, redgram, is usefull for jaundice. Green leaves of raddish are beneficial in the treatment of jaundice, the leaves should be Pounded and there juice expressed out through a piece of thin cloth. Lemon juice and water, beets tops and beet juice and dandelion or black radish extract are good for rebuilding and cleansing the liver.Buttermilk with cumin seeds are also advisable in jaundice. Sugar cane Juice, Fruit Juice is also useful. Complete bed rest is advised for the patient. Have plenty of water regularly, water should be clean. So purify by boiling and then take it. Have small meals, many times a day, say 3-4 times.

Diet Restriction:

Avoid food items difficult to digest e.g. meat items. It is because during this condition liver, the largest gland, may have trouble to support proper metabolic activities in the body. One should avoid maize, pearl millet, Bengal gram, black gram. The vegetables like potato, cauliflowers, brinjal. Fruits like Papaya, Guava, rose Apple and mango should be avoided. Coffee and tea should be restricted.

Please check with your Doctor/Health Care Advisor before using any ingredients mentioned in this article.

May Goodness of Nature bring you Good Health and Happiness.