[Surrey, BC] —The Grand Taj Banquet, Surrey, British Columbia, was abuzz with enthusiasm on Sunday, 4th Feb 2024, as over 100 distinguished guests, CHCC and community members convened for a talk by Hon MP Chandra Arya. The afternoon, marked by insightful talk by MP Chandra Arya ji on Canada India Trade relations, engaging discussion with Mr. Sundar Rajan, followed by Question & Answer session from CHCC and community members. The event fostered the chamber’s commitment towards growth and collaboration within the Canadian business landscape.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Ms. Navita Bhatia, setting the tone for the evening’s proceedings. Navita introduction paved the way for MP Chandra Arya, who shared his views on “Canada India Trade relation.”

Ways to improve Canada India Trade relationship.
⦁ How Hindu community can be more participative on the Canadian economic front?
⦁ How to unify and find common-ground among diverse Indo-Canadian communities to work together and thrive together? Because a healthy business community will need great leadership, and good governance systems.
⦁ How Hindus as a community can be more participative and be aware of the importance of focusing on governance and policy making?
⦁ How to inspire our teenagers to volunteer with MLA/MP’s office, community building events, or even learn public-speaking and debating skills?

MP Chandra Arya ji shared his wisdom on all above community questions beautifully and all the attendees were quite happy and felt enriched with the talk. The event concluded with heartfelt vote of thanks by Mr. Vijoy Chakraborty to MP Chandra Arya, Mr. Sundar Rajan and all the attendees of the event. Mr. Vijoy Chakraborty also urged attendees to consider becoming life members of the Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce. Sharma’s encouragement resonated with the audience, highlighting the potential for continued collaboration and growth. Special recognition was extended to the dedicated B.C. event organizing committee, including Dhruv Gupta (CHCC President, BC), Manish Bhatia (Vice President, BC), Manish Garg, Achal Singhal, Vinay Sharma whose meticulous planning and dedication brought the event to life. The event “India Canada Trade Relation” marked a resounding success, reaffirming the chamber’s commitment to promoting economic advancement, cultural integration, and sustainable growth within the Canadian business community.

-Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce B.C. Event Marks Resounding Success