Supra Academy, a soccer Academy promoting youth sports and community development, organized the launch of a fundraising campaign aimed at building a state-of-the-art�soccer field in Richmond, BC.

The fundraiser was organized at Businessman David Sidoo and his wife Many Sidoo’s gorgeous oceanfront home in Kitsilano. Their son Jordan Sidoo hosted the event and gave information about the fundraising campaign. By Supra Academy: The lack of adequate sports facilities has long been a concern in our city, depriving local children and families of a safe and accessible space to engage in the beautiful game of soccer.

Understanding the immense benefits that sports can bring to individuals and communities, supra is committed to making a positive difference by constructing its own soccer field that will serve as a hub for athletic excellence, camaraderie, and recreation. The construction of a new hybrid turf field in Richmond, BC could potentially serve as a training group for one of the national teams that will be participating and playing matches in the FIFA World Cup 2026.

The fundraising campaign, titled Supra Academy Fundraiser, aims to raise money to cover the costs associated with the construction of the soccer field, including hybrid turf installation, lighting, fencing, and other essential amenities. By rallying the support of our generous community, local businesses, and passionate soccer enthusiasts, we are confident that we can achieve our goal and provide a transformative recreational space for all. Supra Academy encourages individuals, families, and businesses to participate in this meaningful endeavor through various avenues of support: Corporate Sponsorship: Local businesses have a unique opportunity to showcase their commitment to community development by becoming sponsors of the soccer field project. Sponsors will receive prominent visibility, including brand exposure through signage, advertising materials, and event partnerships.