Western Community College excellent in education services.

Western Community College is one of the best private institutions
located in the beautiful city of Surrey, British Columbia.
This institution offers various courses in the fields of Health Care, Business Management, Accounting , IT and English Language Programs.
Western Community College belongs to the community and continually strives to provide an accessible, affordable, and high quality education to all of its students. The College is committed to providing an array of academic and student development services that support students’ success in attaining their academic, cultural, and civic achievements. To enhance student success, and identify and close gaps in achievement levels, the college regularly evaluates student-learning outcomes, so that revisions can be made to improve course efficacy and institutional effectiveness.
With the opening up of a new campus at Abbotsford and expansion of Surrey, Western Community College now has an increased intake of students in all the program offerings. The college has been expanding with increased rooms and facilities at both its campuses and continues to expand more, with a commitment to quality and student success.
Their Mission
Western Community College provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership for the ultimate benefit of the community.
Academic Goals
• To offer a wide range of competency-based, outcome focused, and market driven programs that meet the needs of its students, faculty, graduates, and community.
• To focus on providing graduates with a comprehensive knowledge base, the practical training required to successfully apply theory to practice, and a desire to offer a higher standard of community driven post-secondary education.
• To produce self-reliant highly skilled and knowledgeable life-long learners, ready to meet career challenges and to bridge the gap between the evolving needs of employers, the community, and the province.
To provide a teaching experience committed to applying learning methodologies that promote constructive inquiry, critical thinking, analysis, application, problem solving, collaboration, and reflective practice enabling graduates to generate opportunities and solutions that address evolving 21st century challenges.
• To provide a learning experience committed to offering a problem-based learning environment that supports and enhances students’ personal, intellectual, academic, and social development while being designed to ensure students are literate across a broad range of topics.
• To broaden a students’ understanding of the impact a post-secondary education will have on them, society, culture, and their environment, and conversely, how society, culture, and environment are driving the changing nature of and the demands on post-secondary education and the teaching-learning experience.
• We believe that all who wish and are committed to seeking a quality post-secondary education should be able to, and at a reasonable cost.