Mother of the Year Contest 2015

TOC Mother of the Year Award recognizes an amazing mom for her passion and involvement in the life of their child(ren) and community while continuously pursuing personal success.

Nominate a mom, who continues to achieve personal success while being a great mom at any stage of motherhood. Nominations will be open to the public voting.

Nomination with maximum votes will win the Grand Prize. Contest closes Saturday May 9th and Winner will be announced Sunday May 10th. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.


Contestant #1: Anita bharaj

Anita bharaj


Contestant #2: Elin Nash

Elin Nash


Contestant #3: Kamalpreet kaur

Kamalpreet kaur


Contestant #4: neena sharma

neena sharma


Contestant #5: Nargis Malik

Nargis Malik


Contestant #6: Tatiana Povarova

Tatiana Povarova


Contestant #7: Mansi



Contestant #8: Aida Bhargava

Aida Bhargava


Contestant #9: Archana



Contestant #10: Shuba Hemmige

Shuba Hemmige


Contestant #12: Malathi



Contestant #13: Harpreet Thapar

Harpreet Thapar


Contestant #14: Ronnie Bains

Ronnie Bains


Contestant #15: gurpreet sandhu

gurpreet sandhu


Contestant #16: Parvinder Kaur

Parvinder Kaur


Contestant #18: Lovely Suri

Lovely Suri


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