BC India Business Network opens its doors and arms to anyone interested in strengthening trade and cultural relations between British Columbia and India.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Vivek A Savkur, BC-IBN is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that’s “dedicated to building and maintaining social, cultural and economic ties between India and Canada.” BC-IBN’s current President is Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan and a diverse board supports this non-profit and non-partisan organization.

Over the years, BC-IBN has become a trusted advisor, connector and convenor of businesses and diverse stakeholders. By focusing on collaboration and cooperation, the organization is a preferred partner for various government, trade and cultural organizations. Their pillar partners are: YVR, Air Canada, ICICI Canada and M Square Media.

BC-IBN’s robust presence in the corporate and professional world boasts monthly mixers and networking events, signature events (such as the annual Diwali celebration) and webinars, and access to resources supporting businesses. By subscribing for the newsletter on the BC-IBN website, one can stay updated on all upcoming events. The organization welcomes newcomers to Canada, young entrepreneurs and established professionals from all backgrounds and stages in their careers. This open set up allows early career professionals to find mentorship and personal support, as well as late-stage professionals to leverage their knowledge and give back to their community. As BC-IBN leaders emphasise during monthly mixers, the idea is to ensure everyone feels welcome, supported, and no one feels left behind during these challenging times.

BC-IBN’s members are as diverse in their careers as in experience. The diverse profiles of the members allow for greater opportunities and reach, widening the organization’s influence and potential for growth and greater impact.

As BC-IBN reaches its tenth anniversary, it has changed and grown tremendously but its vision remains the same – to be a beacon of hope and foster good relations between two countries that share strong trade and cultural bonds

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