Saab began her love of makeup and exhibited an artistic mindset at a very early age. It was a natural instinct within her she used to take a lot of interest in getting people ready while doing community services. Saab was inspired to make her passion her living. Like magic in a bottle, makeup became her liquid confidence, planting a seed for what was yet to come

Saab prides herself on a balanced skill set of Bridal, bold glamour, flawless editorial, and clean natural looks.However, her true gift is making her clients realize their most beautiful selves while simultaneously putting them at ease with the entire process.

Tell us a little bit about how you first got into makeup, and about your journey to where you are today!

My makeup journey started as an accident. I was just volunteering in the community trying to help bring out the confidence in fellow women. That small moment when you felt connected with art and impact, made me obsessed with learning more professionally. I received my formal makeup education from the premium beauty Academies in Vancouver. Now I currently live in one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Vancouver. I am a celebrity hair & makeup artist with over 7years of experience. I get to work on music videos, red carpets, commercials, and fashion and beauty campaigns.

Do you have any advice for any new comers who wants to go into the field of professional makeup?
Yes, so much! I am actually in the process of writing a series of blogs and YouTube series about how to get into makeup artistry. When I was first starting, I was frustrated with the lack of
resources. Now I am writing about my experiences (both bad and good) for people interested in professional makeup & hair artistry. But if I was to tell one thing to an inspiring makeup artist, I would tell them about the importance of communicating with your audience online. I think we often forget about the business side of being a hair and makeup artist. I have known so many talented artists who did not post on their social media, build their website, work on test shoots, or network themselves within the community. No one knew who these artists were.
And how were people supposed to know them? It’s important to adapt as an artist to current trends and marketing to your audience.