Raunaq Singh, along with Lionel Crasto, his business partner who has spent 40 years in the food industry together launched Bandra Café. Raunak Singh was born and raised in Bandra and spent his childhood in Chimbai, a Koli fishermen village.

Raunaq’s background was inspired by the various street delicacies of Bombay and being from the metropolitan area helped him develop his love and passion for cooking. Upon his graduation from the prestigious IHM Bombay (Dadar Catering College), he worked for the Taj Mahal Group of Hotels, where he polished his talents and knowledge. After a few years of working in the United States, he chose to settle in the Vancouver region along with his wife Kaajal, current manager at Bandra Café, two daughters, Khushi & Aarzu, and son Ansh.

Their family has been here since 2002. Bandra is a cultural and religious melting pot, which is reflected in Bandra Café’s food and decor. They attempted to include the mood and flavor of
numerous food spots like Elco style Chaats, Frankie’s, Pan Rolls, and Potato Chops at Bandra Café. They also find inspiration from Bombay’s famed Irani cafés, with European dark wooden seats and white tabletops,and meals like Salli boti, Kheema Pav, Bun Maska, and Mawa Cake. A range of hot and cold beverages are also available, ranging from our famous Bombay Chai, Shaadi wali coffee, and Lattes to Fresh Lime soda, Banta Soda, and milkshakes. This location is ideal for all age groups, business meetings, students, and party goers since they have weekend live music,
DJ nights, open mic, karaoke, and other events.

Bandra café’ is the first fully licensed Indian inspired Cafe in the Greater Vancouver area. Bandra Café was founded on their memorable years in Bandra, Bombay, treasured recollections, valued connections, and lifelong friendships. “My notion ofthe cafe is a place to hang out and chill with friends, which I did as a teen and a young adult in Bombay, where coming to a cafe was an everyday habit to catch up on local and international happenings.”

Raunaq continuously gives back to the community by providing hot meals, donating to religious institutions, supporting youth communities, and hiring new employees.

Any Mumbai darshan is incomplete without a few hours at Bandra Cafe, and whether you are a Mumbaikar or travelling from outside, you must visit Bandra at least once.