Under the dynamic organization of Kamal Sharma and the collaborative efforts of KVP Entertainers, KVP Heritage , and KVP Concerts, a mesmerizing Republic Day celebration unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees. The event secured exclusive coverage from Times of Canada, enhancing its reach and significance. Attendees reveled in a sensory delight of diverse culinary offerings, captivating performances ranging from dance to singing, and an atmosphere filled with patriotic fervor.

The distinguished presence of esteemed personalities, including Niki Sharma, Attorney General of British Columbia, Hon. Rachna Singh, Minister of Education, BC, Hon. Linda Annis, Nimmi Daula, Rakesh Dhir, Amit Khana, Nawal Tandon, Suki Badh, Lucky Randhawa, Vivek Savkur, Dr. Arun Gard, Dr. Ajay Garg, Harmesh Sidher, Neeraj Kumar, Vasant Lakhani, and Nina Budhdev, added a touch of prestige to the occasion. This grand celebration masterfully encapsulated the myriad traditions and cultures of India, seamlessly blending the essence of the East, West, North, and South in a harmonious tribute to the country’s unity in diversity.

Photos Courtesy: AMaster Photography