The Dwivedi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to honouring and supporting first responders, held its annual gala at the prestigious Reflections Banquet Hall in Surrey last night. The event served as a powerful celebration of the unwavering bravery and dedication displayed by our nation’s first responders while also raising crucial awareness for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The gala brought together an impressive gathering of first responders from esteemed organizations, including the Surrey RCMP, Surrey Police, Abbotsford Police, New West Police, Vancouver Police, Delta Police, BC Ambulance Service, and Surrey Firefighters. Dressed in their distinguished uniforms, including the iconic RCMP red serge, these heroes were recognized for their selfless service and commitment to protecting and serving our communities.

Amidst an atmosphere adorned with sparkling gold and floral decor, guests were treated to a gourmet four-course meal, reflecting the elegance and appreciation befitting these exceptional individuals. The evening featured inspiring speeches from notable figures, including Chief Colin Watson of Abbotsford Police, Chief Neil Dubord of Delta Police, and Dylan Van Rooyen, Vice President of Surrey Fire Fighters. These influential voices passionately emphasized the pressing need for improved mental health support for first responders and the imperative of eradicating the stigma surrounding PTSD.

Mr. Anish Dwivedi, President of The Dwivedi Foundation, extended profound gratitude to the first responders for their unwavering dedication and selfless service. He also expressed heartfelt appreciation to their families and friends, acknowledging their invaluable role as a robust support system for our heroic individuals. Their unwavering support and understanding contribute significantly to the well-being and resilience of our nation’s first responders.

Ms. Shanjeelin Dwivedi, Vice-President of The Dwivedi Foundation, delivered a heartfelt speech reaffirming the organization’s unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive support for first responders. She recognized their exceptional courage and sacrifices and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure they receive the necessary resources and care.

In recognition, Chief Neil Dubord, Sergeant Leah Garrigus of Abbotsford Police, Ben Walker from Surrey Fire Fighters, and Sachin Latti were honored and awarded for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to the community. Their contributions serve as shining examples of the remarkable dedication exhibited by first responders across the nation.

The Dwivedi Foundation is a distinguished organization founded with the mission to honor first responders and raise awareness about PTSD. Through its unwavering dedication, the foundation provides vital resources and support to those on the front lines, helping them navigate the unique challenges associated with their roles.