Dec. 20, 2019: With Christmas just weeks away, The Times of Canada hosted Help The Homeless Drive for the helpless people & Christmas Costume Contest for the children who wore Christmas dress and posted their pictures on TOC Facebook page. It was a grand event which was covered by Sanjha Tv, Fiji Mirchi. Many individuals from different business industries came forward and donated for the cause. Volunteers from school, Kids Play and other NGO also worked for the support. The well- known personalities of the region were also present – Randeep Singh Sarai : MP Surrey Centre, Ken Hardie : MP Fleetwood Surrey , Staphanie Cadieux: MLA South Surrey, Jinny Sims: MLA Panorama Surrey, Mandeep Nagra Councillor; all stood behind the whole team to make it a successful event.

“We are thankful to all the sponsors, supporters and volunteers who worked whole day and made exceptional efforts to make it a biggest non-profit