Parents tend to be protective, caring people but at times they may become overprotective of their children to the point that their children’s social exposure becomes limited to the bare minimum. So they grow up and become introverted, quiet types. The real problem arises when, for example, those people get married to someone who has a great deal of social activities. Many people are intimidated by such marriages. However, in fact, such marriages can not only last, but can be equally enjoyable and productive if you know how to move along with such partners. Here are a few tips that may help:

Recognize your strengths
There might be decisions that you won’t be able to make- even after straining your brain. There might be social situations that make you feel like a fish out of water! Still, you should have some strong points- every individual does! You might have a deep understanding of money matters, an appreciative skill, knowledge of the latest fashion trends, or just about anything that asserts your importance. At appropriate times, exhibit your strengths or your positive points. Your wife may find it difficult to manage a monthly budget yet you have a good knowledge of money matters- have a discussion with her and see how you can offer valuable support that could allow her to manage the household expenses more effectively. Surprise her, by empowering her, not only to manage the household expenses effectively, but also to save enough to buy her a couple of dresses without feeling guilty. Or, you might be great at an artistic skill- say, music. Why not use that skill to earn some extra income. Become a trainer at YouTube videos, join freelancer websites and search for freelance jingle projects, make connections on professional social sites- there are a variety of ways to allow your talent to bring some extra income home. While income is always good- it will also help you gain an added respect at home.

Assume the role of advisor
Always remember, that marriage is like a motorcycle- there are 2 tires and each one is equally important. While your wife may be great at presentation and excel at social skills, you don’t have to be just a passive spouse. The power of the introvert lies in the depth of thoughts. Due to fewer distractions, you are able to think deeply and penetrate different aspects of the same thoughts, often resulting in astonishing revelations and ideas. So, instead of thinking that you’re inferior, you can actually play a vital role in your family’s lives. Every good leader loves a good advisor. So, you can actually assume the advisor’s role. Your benefit is that advisors generally act as minds- seldom exposing them publicly. However, they do enjoy the importance as the “source of ideas on which actions are based”.

Respect each other’s lifestyles
Being two opposite personalities, you might find it difficult to cope up with your partner’s lifestyle. The same things can have the opposite effect on each of you. While devoting an entire day to socializing with your neighbors can be a creative outing idea for your spouse, you might find it very demanding. Likewise, your spouse might not see the point in sitting on a bench in a garden enjoying the scenery, or going to the library to spend an entire day scouring books. So, it’s important to make clear during the initial years of marriage that neither one of you will comment on the other’s lifestyle or belittle it in any way. However, many times, such comparisons or comments happen when you force your spouse to follow your lifestyle. It should also be made clear that no one should be forced to follow the other’s lifestyle against their will.