Festive season is around the corner. It means a lot of fun, enjoyment and variety of season specialties to eat. Every body is going to expect guests at their homes, parties to attend and exchange of gifts and sweets. In these festivities are we going to forget about our health targets? Are we going to be watchful and mindful while eating?
Happy Boyal who is front Store Manager for Pharmasave Sullivan Square & Pharmasave Newton in Surrey and a well known face to run the weight loss program is concerned about the health issues related to overeating and unhealthy eating habits.  She motivated many people to follow a diet that helped them to lead a happy and healthy life. Being a certified coach for Easy Slim weight loss program she is naturally concerned about the people. It is her sincere efforts to create a healthy society; therefore she shares some valuable tips to go around these festivities and stay fit and eats right. Some amazing facts that really force everyone to take care of- starting from visiting malls for shopping to attending and hosting parties- she brings in our notice.


She is very careful and well known to seasonal trends. Useful tips she gives are:-


Plan your shopping time- We all know that this is shopping time and visiting malls is must. What if we go unplanned to the mall? Indulging in junk food and whatever is available at food courts, less water and extra calories loaded drinks become the need of the hour. So before going for shopping it is better to have some healthy food at home, drinking more water to avoid dehydration and also avoid long hours of being without food.


Being thoughtful while attending a party- Party time is always attractive. Food lovers are suggested to be extra careful and mindful while eating. Suggestions for this time are-


  • Always go for the best season food and count on your calories while eating. Additionally, avoid the regular food items that can be eaten at any time. This will keep the festive spirit high and help you to enjoy the festival.
  • Seek company of a person who is smart eater and eat slowly. This will surely help you to grab fewer calories.
  • Find a place to sit at arm length stretch from where the food is served. This will help you to avoid munching frequently.
  • Be mindful of beverages too. Do not keep on consuming more calories just for the sake of drinking.
  • Another interesting tip is to have a small plate rather than a bigger plate so that there is lesser space to have food and so having only favorite food on the plate.
  • If you are hosting a party then you can be more careful about adding healthy and delicious food items and if you are a part of potluck ceremonies then its better you bring a dish that is nutritious and tasty with less calories. This will help you to eat a dish of your choice while being in the company of others and part of the group.
  • The most important point comes the next. Be watchful while bringing sweets and chocolates as gifts for your dear and near ones. Take care of their health and show your concern for their well being.


Focus should be to maintain the current weight status if not loosing further and at the same time enjoying the flavors of the season and festivals.


Happy Boyal says that these tips are easy to follow and is certainly going to help people being mindful what they eat. It will be good for people already following her weight loss program as well as for others who are really concerned about their weight and good health. It is not to eat less but it is to eat right that is more important.