In the tranquil embrace of Surrey’s Laxmi Narayan Temple, June 16, 2024, marked a significant moment as Happyness Wellness Community Society hosted a Free Health Yoga Camp. This event, a beacon of health, wellness, and unity, drew participants from diverse backgrounds, embodying the spirit of holistic living and communal harmony.

The camp was graced by MLA Jagrup Brar, representing the Surrey Fleetwood constituency and serving as BC’s Minister of State for Trade. MLA Brar’s active involvement in the day’s activities, including the traditional light lamping ceremony symbolizing positivity, underscored his commitment to community wellness. His presence added a touch of governmental support and recognition to the event.

The schedule unfolded with various activities aimed at enhancing both physical and mental well-being. Participants engaged in yoga protocols designed to promote flexibility and inner peace. A highlight was the Shiv Taandav Dance, showcasing traditional movements and rhythmic expressions that captivated the audience.Beginners Zumba provided a fun and energetic fitness session accessible to all ages, while Laughter Yoga combined laughter exercises with breathing techniques to promote
happiness and reduce stress—a unique and uplifting experience for all involved.
Tarana M Kaur, Director of Happyness Wellness Community Society, expressed her gratitude for MLA Brar’s participation, highlighting its pivotal role in fostering community health and wellness. “We are delighted by the enthusiastic turnout and the support from MLA Jagrup Brar. His presence and participation greatly contributed to the spirit of the event. Our goal is to continue offering such initiatives that bring the community together and promote overall well-being,” she emphasized.

Happyness Wellness Community Society, under Tarana M Kaur’s leadership, remains dedicated to enhancing community health through accessible wellness programs. The organization strives to create a supportive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can converge to improve their well-being and cultivate a unified global family.

Richmond – June 5th The journey begins on June 5th in Richmond, where yoga enthusiasts gather to start their month-long exploration of inner peace and physical
Port Moody – June 10th Moving to Port Moody on June 10th, participants delve deeper into their practice amidst the tranquil surroundings that inspire reflection and
Unwin Park – June 15th On June 15th, Unwin Park hosts a special charity event on Father’s Day, combining yoga with community giving through the heartwarming gesture
of Kachi Lassi.
Laxmi Narayan Mandir – June 16th The sacred grounds of Laxmi Narayan Mandir welcome yoga practitioners on June 16th, blending spiritual harmony with physical
Government – June 22nd June 22nd sees the integration of yoga into governmental spaces, emphasizing the importance of well-being in all aspects of life.
Indo-Pacific Canada Association – June 23rd Closing the series on June 23rd, the Indo-Pacific Canada Association celebrates cultural diversity and unity through the practice of yoga.

This magazine write-up encapsulates the successful Yoga Camp event, MLA Jagrup Brar’s participation, and Happyness Wellness Community Society’s ongoing commitment to promoting health and wellness within the community.

HappYness Wellness by Tarana Kaur At HappYness Wellness Community Society by Tarana Kaur, yoga isn’t just a class—it’s a transformative journey towards physical,mental, and emotional balance. Offering a variety of classes tailored for every level,from beginners to seasoned practitioners, Tarana M Kaur and her team provide personalized guidance to help individuals deepen their practice and achieve their wellness goals.

Each session is crafted to cultivate mindfulness and foster a sense of community,resonating with the studio’s commitment to promoting well-being through yoga. Whether you are seeking to enhance flexibility, reduce stress, or simply reconnect with yourself, HappYness Wellness Community Society invites you to join their mission of holistic health and inner harmony.

The event was further supported by the Hindi Literary Society, whose president, Deepa Sharma, along with her team, added an extra spark to the camp with their enthusiastic presence. Additionally, the president of the Hindi Mahila Cultural Society of BC, accompanied by her team, marked their support, enhancing the spirit of unity and cultural appreciation.

Looking ahead, HWCS is excited to support the upcoming International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2024 camps across Canada, culminating in Vancouver on June 23. These events will continue to spread the message of wellness, unity, and cultural appreciation through yoga.

For more information on upcoming events and how to get involved, please contact Happyness Wellness Community Society at [email protected]. Join us in celebrating the transformative power of yoga and the enduring spirit of community in Surrey and beyond.