The Times of Canada is pleased to share that our Managing Director, Vinay Sharma, is honored by the Delta police Chief, Neil Dubord Commitment coin for his dedication to the citizens of Delta.Vinay Sir

Vinay Sharma founder of The Times of Canada magazine and Times Entertainers. Vinay has long history of public and Community services not in Canada but his penchant for service has a very much been there while he was in India long, long Back.

Vinay doesn’t just dream of world free of discrimination on the basis of caste, color and creed, he is trying to make it happen. An active volunteer in his community, Vinay Sharma focused his efforts on promoting intercultural awareness and education. “People should not hate each other all human being should love each other” he says. He’s involved in a long list of organization such as the Universal Cultural society of Canada, the Chetna society of Canada, India -Canada Association, Hindu Sikh forum of North America and Vedic Hindu cultural society.

  “Society has given us so much, we should give back to the society” says Vinay.