Dr Bhurji is a Specialist Physician Expert in Care of New born, Children & Teenagers. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. He has been serving Lower Mainland for over 25 years and loves to help & give back to the community with his volunteer work. His wife Gurjinder is a successful realtor. Both of them have been part of variety of fund raising for Children Health both nationally & internationally. Recently, Dr. Bhurji went to Nepal after a major earthquake hit the country, he was the first Canadian physician to serve in Nepal. He has a busy consultation practice in Surrey. Gurjinder is active participant in events related to women and children. Dr. Bhurji uses Holistic Approach of Body Mind & Soul Balance. He does a weekly radio talk show, he is medical correspondent for Omni TV & few ethnic TV programs, writes medical articles & columns in local newspapers & magazines