We often hear the phrase that ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. So, it should follow that something that’s made in heaven should be guided by spirituality. Hence, it would be interesting to know the role played by spirituality in maintaining the quality and durability of marriages. After all, spirituality and marriage have many things in common: harmony, satisfaction, a sense of belonging, commitment, depth, sanctity, and peace. So, let’s see how spirituality can help improve your married life:

Helps manage depression

A marital journey that starts full of joyful chimes and tinkling could be interrupted by jarring notes a few years later, and, eventually, people could end up parting ways. There could be many reasons for this. While character related issues can be more reasonable grounds for divorce, reasons that are beyond one’s control can be more painful. One such reason is depression. There can be a number of factors that can pull a person into the depths of depression: losing a well-paid job, a huge loss in business, an increasing number of creditors, legal battles, etc. A depressed person finds it difficult to enjoy life and a variety of issues follow that also affect their partner. Over a period of time, things start to get worse and soon the couple finds themselves on the verge of divorce.

Couples who pray together- live together

There is a quaint feeling that we go through while we pray together- we start feeling compassion towards the fellow persons who is praying. An unfathomable trust fills our heart. The most successful couples would agree that trust and compassion are two of the major elements that cement the martial bond for a long time- even when the black hair grays and wrinkles appear on their faces. In a study conducted on more than 500 adults, the results indicated that couples who devoted a specific time praying for their partner exhibited a higher commitment level. At the same time, they felt more satisfied with their relationships. It is a no-brainer that a committed and satisfied partner is the insurance of a long harmonious and productive marital relationship.

Spirituality increases kindness

Charity and kindness always begin at home. It is our ability to empathize with others that makes us kind and concerned about others’ lives. These kinds of people would ensure that they not harm anyone emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Going back to the very first line of this paragraph, they would be really kind with their spouse. This kindness not only helps them have a common platform to meet at, it also strengthens their relationship; moreover, it can also save the marriage in trying times.

Stress management

One of the major reasons of marital problems and divorce is stress. While experiencing stress does not involve any specific skills, managing it requires an individual to be distinctly different from others. However, spirituality brings out the latent strength of even the most ordinary human beings. While unmanaged stress would lead others to lean towards alcoholism and abusive behaviour, a spiritual person would turn to spirituality and religion, which could instantly soothe the brain and eventually relieve stress. The best thing is that spirituality is free from any side effects and has a long-term effect on individuals. Thus, by properly managing stress, couples can save their relationship quality from getting affected by stress.