“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy” – Tony Robbins

 Jessy Rai

Being a part of Kids Play has shown me many different aspects in life, some which are I cannot explain. Helping someone who is in need is probably one of the greatest things someone could do! Every single child we help goes on and helps another child, creating a domino effect. The CEO and founder of Kids Play, Kal Dosanjh, once stated that, “the world is bigger than it seems.” A lot of people don’t take this statement into consideration. If we are to see the bigger picture everyday, not just what we see on TV, but the actual world we will then feel the pain and torture these young individuals go through. Some of these individuals go down the wrong path which includes drugs, gangs, and even suicide. However, Kids Play has demonstrated a positive approach to these young individuals by providing them with the necessities which can put these kids on the right path in life. I personally had no legit vision on my future but Kal showed me a way to challenge myself which was to join the Canadian Army. If I had not seen this vision in my life, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to be who I am today. Kids Play is all about helping selflessly, doesn’t matter about your race or ancestry, we at Kids Play want everyone to stand tall shoulder to shoulder to help every single human being. You can be either a part of the military or your own profession but how you help others will demonstrate the person you are. If you do something and ask for something in return, that’s business not selflessness.