The largest event in British Columbia celebrating International Yoga Day took place today at Bear Creek Park in Surrey, drawing a diverse crowd eager to embrace health and wellness through the art & science of yoga. Organized by the Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada, in collaboration with local partners, the event gathered over 250 participants at 7:30 am to mark the occasion.

The event featured 15 distinguished Yoga Gurus who led sessions aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being. Attendees welcomed the dawn with mindfulness and movement, setting a serene tone for the day ahead. The initiative not only encouraged healthy living but also raised awareness and support for cancer research and prevention efforts, by supporting and fundraising for BC Cancer Foundation.

“We are thrilled by the community’s enthusiastic response to this year’s International Yoga Day celebration,” said Bhhaskar De, Founder & CEO of the Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada. “It was heartwarming to see people of all ages and backgrounds come together to prioritize their health and well-being.”

In conjunction with the event, the Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada proudly launched the Canada Fitness Program. This comprehensive wellness initiative aims to foster a culture of fitness and well-being across diverse communities throughout Canada. By organizing a series of fitness events, classes, and conferences, the program seeks to inspire a healthier lifestyle nationwide.

“The Canada Fitness Program is more than just a series of events; it’s a movement towards a fitter, healthier Canada,” explained Bhhaskar De “Our goal is to encourage regular physical activity and provide health education that benefits individuals and communities alike.”

Phase 1 of the Canada Fitness Program kicked off with today’s celebration of International Yoga Day, featuring expert-led yoga sessions that introduced participants to the ancient practice and its profound benefits. Moving forward, the program will continue with ongoing weekly activities tailored to different community needs, including yoga, SunDo, Tai Chi, Zumba classes and more.

“We believe in the power of community engagement and inclusivity,” Bhhaskar added. “By offering tailored fitness classes and organizing health conferences, we aim to create sustainable practices that promote wellness for all.

The Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada extends its gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to the success of today’s event. For more information on upcoming activities and to get involved in the Canada Fitness Program, please visit Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada and follow us on LinkedIn.