I was born in the capital of India, otherwise known as New Delhi. Growing up in a city like Delhi, traits such as drive, ambition, and hard work were naturally attained due to the competitive environment of such a highly populated area. Right after I finished college at JDM, I started working for the account department of the Delhi Administration.

After working for 4 years for the Government of India I met my now husband Raj Toora at a family function. After our marriage my husband moved to Canada 1994 to start a new life. Shortly after, I moved to Canada as well.

Now, I am the mother of two handsome boys, who will always be my priority. Taking care of the children and dayto-day chores at home were part of the reason I was never able to work full-time, but I was always thinking about how I could expand my skill set and build a career.

I took part-time classes and finished high school, and
that was the beginning of my non-stop love and journey towards my Canadian dreams. My first job in Canada was in the travel and tourism industry where I spent 4 years before starting to work for Fraser health.

Watching my husband designing beautiful houses, I was always searching for beautiful houses around me to buy for us. That’s how my passion towards becoming a real estate agent developed. I was always positive that my hard work. My skills and wide network will make a way for my success.