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The word “Father” is a verb that means sire of a child. The definition of the father has changed throughout the centuries. Still, one thing never changed: fathers are always considered the secondary caregivers of a family, which may include their parents as well.

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Fathers are the pillar on which the child’s development is dependent upon. The family members and the children look forward to him as the head of the family. He lays down a certain set of rules and regulations that the family members must follow. This ensures harmony and discipline among the members of the family. Children look to their father to learn the way of living in society. Fathers are responsible for teaching basic manners and giving the proper education upon which, the children must build their life.

They provide a sense of security and stability to the family. They are responsible for protecting them from evil. Since their birth, children are empty vessels. The fathers are responsible for providing proper guidance and teachings, which later in life helps in building their character. They play an essential role in the child’s life, which cannot be fulfilled by any other family member. Fathers are regarded as secondary caregivers in each family. They provide and take care of not just their children but also their parents. They help in providing proper care and affection to their children as well as their family members.

"An almost perfect relationship with 
his father was the earthly root of 
all his wisdom."