Pizzas of Top in Town Pizza are indeed top in town. If you live in Surrey or surrounding areas, then you must have enjoyed those sumptuous pizzas and incredibly delicious Indian cuisine, if you haven’t then you must do it now.

Owned and operated by a warm-hearted food loving family, Top in Town was established in 2009 to serve the growing community of Surrey with great pizzas and authentic Indian food. Here, the focus is more on quality than just the quantity, therefore Top in Town Pizza prides itself in being a pizza place where you can order freshly made pizzas at a very reasonable price.

The master chef, Mahaveer Shah hails from the serene Doon valley, better known as Dehradun, India. Mahaveer liked cooking since childhood, he preferred the rolling pin more than the cricket bat, it is his passion to cook that brought him here, a land thousands of miles away from his home town. He started his professional journey in year 2000 and went on to work at Radisson, Jalandhar and in 2008, Mahaveer migrated to Canada. Mahaveer Shah is a gifted chef, he can make a vast variety of recipes with finesse and delight the customer each time.

Cooking is a craft and chefs like Mahaveer are the artists who keep this craft alive, food is not just needed to fill up the empty stomach; food, in fact inspires people. Having a sumptuous meal is like a getaway, a break from the stressful on-goings of a day…therefore, when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or you are yearning for a particular Indian recipe or you are simply hungry, go grab your choice of dish from the vast and sumptuous menu of Top in town Pizza, you will definitely find an item that not only fills your stomach but also nurtures you because each recipe is cooked with lots of love by one of the best Chef of Surrey— Mahaveer Shah.