Transcendental Meditation

What is the fundamental cause of violence?

Science has now determined that all behaviour is rooted in the brain, and that traumatic stress impairs brain functioning causing aggressive and violent behaviour.
Similarly, the build-up of stress on a collective level, including political, religious and ethnic tensions, affects the brain and behaviour of everyone in society and bursts out as social violence in all its forms from crime to terrorism to war. The Global Peace Initiative’s approach is to dissolve the stress that’s at the basis of violent behaviour. Extensive research has demonstrated that a simple meditation practice—Transcendental Meditation®—dramatically reduces individual stress and its damaging effects on the brain and behaviour. Remarkably, when Transcendental Meditation is practiced by large groups of people, a measurable effect is created in the surrounding population. This effect reduces collective stress in society as evidenced Rezept by significant reductions in crime rates, terrorism, war deaths and other forms of violence and conflict.

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Scientific research has found that group meditation practice creates a measurable influence of peace in society. The Global Peace Initiative involves establishing and permanently maintaining a group of experts who practice together the advanced meditation techniques of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis. Research studies have determined that even with just the square root of 1% of a wind population engaged in group practice of these powerful meditation techniques, stress in society is reduced. Less societal stress results in a decrease of violence and conflict.

The number required to create peace globally is 9,000, which is approximately the square root of 1% of the world’s population of seven billion. This is the critical number needed to reduce stress on a global scale. Nine thousand peace-creating experts can transform the quality of world consciousness, resulting in more peaceful and positive trends worldwide. This formula is based on a principle of nature’s functioning called the N2 effect.


  • Behavior is linked to brain functioning.
  • Stress impairs the brain, which negatively impacts behavior.
  • Societal BENéFICO stress fuels crime and social violence.
  • Transcendental Meditation reduces traumatic stress in the individual.
  • Group meditation has been shown to reduce societal stress, reducing crime and social violence.

It is not surprising that reducing stress on the individual level causes a corresponding reduction of stress on the societal level. Yet it is both surprising and fortunate that even a relatively small proportion of a population practicing Transcendental Meditation in a group produces a remarkably disproportionate reduction in societal stress and in associated crime and violence. The meditating group aposta produces an extensively documented “spillover” effect of orderliness and calm in the surrounding society.

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