“A Father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow”

A father is someone everyday who has a day full of profound reflection and that is with regard to his children and family. He is the most important member of the family whose love for his children is just like oxygen for the survival of the lives. There’s nothing that big that he could not do for his family and there’s no such sacrifice that he will not do. Every little thing he does makes him great!!

Father’s Day contest 2021 was organized by The Times of Canada in association with Chalo Freshco and SANJHA TV, a part of the FYI Media Group. Our title sponsor was Chalo Freshco and we gave away A BRAND NEW 2021 ELECTRIC SCOOTER. 



The team of The Times of Canada began Father’s Day contest on 1st June, 2021. The children and Fathers were invited to scan the barcode on social media/website and enter into the contest. There were 50 entries on an average every day. We got over 1000 entries in total out of which 211 became the finalists. We elected 11 fathers as finalists daily and they were given different gift cards/vouchers as a token of appreciation and also these fathers got opportunity to enter into the final draw.

Our media partners, FYI Media group broadcasted our campaign across all their channels along with the daily draw winners as well the live broadcast of the final Scooter draw at Chalo FreshCo, Strawberry Hills, Surrey. As Father’s Day Contest was all about giving back, a number of our sponsors gave away gifts for the daily draw. Apart from this, we along with all our sponsors highlighted this campaign across all our social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Everyone was so excited on the Father’s Day. The finalists gathered at Chalo FreshCo Strawberry Hill and many were live on Sanjha TV’s Facebook to watch the final draw. Chalo FreshCo distributed free bags of groceries to first 100 persons reached over there. At last 7 fathers won grand gifts i.e. A scooter, A trip to Las Vegas, Bread Maker, Griller, Slow Cooker, Food Processor and a voucher of car detailing on this special day. Fathers were so happy and shared their feelings with the team.

Hard working team  (Seema Sharma, Ramandeep Kaur, Navi & Sonia Sharma)  of The Times Of Canada was on their toes and organized the event so well.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors without whom this show had not been the successful. I would like to make a mention of Owner operators – Chalo FreshCo, B&B Truss, Mahmood Mawji – Open Road Mercedes Benz, Asif Syed Iqbal – Insurance advisor, Shubha Choudary – Keyways Services, Tony Bal – Realtor, Vinay Sharma – Times Mortgage, Lava Events, Jassal Signs, SJI CELL, Bozzini Restaurant, Rozzini Restaurant and Red Rose Restaurant, I would also like to thank specially the “Sanjha TV” who collaborated with “The Times of Canada” to make the event successful. We are looking forward to organize many more events with the Collaboration of Sanjha TV in near future.


Vinay Sharma


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